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By-Zandi was founded on the slogan "Healthy Skin Beautiful You"

By-Zandi believes in maintaining a healthy clean skin, and using Make Up products that are lightweight, giving a naturally illuminating look, making you stand out.

Our Skin Care products are 100% natural, vegan and organic. No harmful chemicals are added. The ingredients are mild and non-irritating, and can be used on all skin types.

By-Zandi was founded out of frustration on not getting quality skin care products with ingredients that are not harmful to skin, especially mature skin that requires long lasting hydration. The founder, Zandile, previously used a good Skin Care range from an internationally known brand for over two decades, until she realized some of the ingredients in it were burning her skin. She set out to have, and to share with others, high quality products that nourish the skin, and keep it hydrated and glowing while still maintaining one's natural look. There's nothing that boosts a girl's confidence more than that healthy and illuminating flawless skin. Zandile encourages the combination of real beauty and confidence, leading to real contentment inside out. She hopes this range will bring out the Healthy Looking Beautiful You.  

The Make Up is intended to compliment the already beautiful you, by bringing out the same face with a more glowing and classic look, whether you're in your powerful office suit or casual denim, or even in your ballroom gown. It gives a classic long lasting, refreshingly illuminating and natural you.  

By-Zandi products are VEGAN.

PLEASE NOTE : OUR SKIN CARE RANGE IS NOT YET OUT FOR SALE. HOWEVER, YOU CAN SHOP OUR MAKE UP PRODUCTS...and subscribe to ByZandi for updates and leave your review. Reviews are not only testimonies but they help for purposes of product improvement and future product development. 


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